3 Things To Consider When Choosing the Right New Home Builder in Asheville, NC

As the housing market in Asheville, NC continues to get hotter and more competitive, there are three very simple questions you should ask about any new home builder: Do they know what they’re doing? Are the houses they build high-quality? And, finally, will I get a good value for my money?

These three questions — about experience, quality and affordability — seem pretty basic, but taking the time to explore them fully can make the difference between being happy when you move into your new Asheville home or being disappointed with the biggest purchase you’re likely ever to make.

How Do You Know What You’re Getting?

Any homebuilder should be happy to answer these questions for you, and talking to a representative of the company is a great place to start. You can ask about floorplans and options to make sure they align with what you want. You can ask for references from other homebuyers they’ve served. You can ask about the materials used, warranty information, financing options and even the neighborhoods surrounding the planned community.

However, the best way to get answers about a builder is to actually see the homes they’ve built. Contact us to schedule a tour of one of our communities. Drive through the planned communities you’re considering. You might even strike up a conversation with one of the residents to see how they feel about their home. Ask people you know in the area if they have friends or family living in one of the communities you’re looking at and find out how they feel.

How Does Windsor Built Stack Up in These 3 Areas?

1.) Experience

Since 1988, the team behind Windsor Built has constructed more than 3,500 new homes in the greater Asheville and Hendersonville areas — as well as Upstate South Carolina and East Tennessee. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for quality homes at affordable prices. In short, we’re a trusted name in the Southeast, and we’re here to stay.

2.) Quality

In addition to using quality building materials, each home we construct must pass our own internal and rigorous quality control standards. That’s in addition to all home inspections that every newly constructed home is required to pass. And our warranty program ensures you’ll move into your new home with lasting peace of mind.

3.) Affordability

We’ve looked around and can confidently say that, when it comes to new home construction, Windsor Built Homes offers the best value in Western North Carolina. To help out even more, you can work with our trusted lender for your financing, and, because we sell both the lot and home together, you’ll never be burdened with a new construction loan.

Have Questions About Our Homes and Communities?

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