Buying a New Construction Home in Asheville, NC

When you imagine living in your new home in Asheville, you probably see yourself exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway or enjoying pecan-crusted trout at one of Asheville’s many famed restaurants. You don’t picture yourself making a list of renovations your older house is going to need – which is why a new construction home makes the most sense if you’re moving to North Carolina.

New Construction Homes That Conform to You, Not the Other Way Around

A new home in an Asheville planned community comes with the layout and details you want. Generally speaking, newer homes have modern features like open floor plans, large master suites and walk-in closets. And, in many cases, you can decide just how much house you need, opting for additional space by adding a sunroom or a bonus room before the house is built.

There’s also the benefit of greater energy efficiency. New insulation materials, new windows and new HVAC units – along with quality construction – means your new home is sealed tight and running right, which not only saves you money by reducing the cost of heating and cooling your home but also conserves energy. People in older homes might spend the weekend re-caulking around their doors, whereas you’ll be free to spend it visiting Asheville’s vibrant downtown shops and art galleries.

The Usual Drawbacks of New Construction

Ask for advice (or do a quick search online) and people will often cite two reasons for avoiding new home construction: price and location. While some new construction can be overly expensive or exist in inconvenient locations, that’s not always the case.

Just take Hyde Park, our new community offering homes starting in the $260s and just twenty minutes from downtown Asheville. Sycamore Cottages is another great example. It features homes starting in the high $190s, and it’s just fifteen minutes from Hendersonville. Both planned communities are situated near their own schools, grocery stores, restaurants, shops and more.

No Surprises With New Construction

Possibly the best reason to go for a new construction home over buying a resale home is the lack of surprises. You won’t move in only to discover that you need a new roof or find out that you have a pest problem. You won’t inherit the burdens (or shoddy repairs) of the previous homeowner, and you won’t get stuck dealing with potentially toxic building materials (like lead paint or asbestos) or out-of-date code issues.

Instead of budgeting for renovations, you’ll be planning a waterfall hike in the Pisgah National Forest or heading out to see some of Asheville’s great live music. Or maybe you’ll just relax at home, not thinking about all the repairs you have to make.

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