This is Your Last Chance to Own in Wolf Chase (Hendersonville, NC)

For nearly 30 years, Windsor Built Homes has built new homes in Hendersonville and the greater western North Carolina area so we like to think we know a good thing when we see one.  The City of Hendersonville has attracted many people for generations with its small town charm, friendly people, and scenic mountain views.  That’s why when we had the opportunity to build Wolf Chase,Hendersonville NC Homes jumped at the opportunity to contribute to this desirable mountain town.  Now we are down to our last lots you will want to make sure you do not miss out on your opportunity to own a great home in Hendersonville.

Windsor Built Homes discovered Wolf Chase in 2011, at the lowest point of the housing downturn.  A community of about 75 lots lay mostly vacant and abandoned.  Where others might have saw failure, we saw opportunity and now we fully prepare to be completely out of Wolf Chase by the end of the year.  Putting quality homes at affordable prices in a desirable location is a time tested strategy and it is what we at Windsor Built Homes do Best.  With just a few lots remaining, this community of arts & crafts style homes  has been a success story in the most challenging time for home builders.

The success of Wolf Chase hinges on the appeal of a life in Hendersonville and the quality homes we have built there.  We are down to just a few lots so you won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.  If you would like to know more about building a new home in Wolf Chase, lease contact Margaret Dennison using the form below.






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